The Science of Giving in the Giving Economy

Georgia, Caroline and I were excited to begin our research project with crowdera and CEO Chet Jainn exploring the NGO and charity fundraising. Our team is now in the second week of our research project and we continue to be intrigued by research around the “science of giving”. As a researcher from the University of British Columbia, Ashley V. Whillans (2016),writes; social science research can help enhance fundraising strategies. Our research thus far has revealed that through study and research, fundraising strategy and the Giving Economy can be understood and improved on.

Georgia, Caroline, and I have also been researching current NGOs and charities in several different regions. Our team has discovered many small charities across Ontario and British Columbia without a permanent fundraising strategy. We were surprised at the number of organizations we discovered and felt that many would benefit from better use of network effects. We are excited for further research to understand the factors behind fundraising decisions.

The theory seems sound but does it work in practice?

Our team will seek to answer this question as we continue to the data-driven aspect of the project!

A note on global virtual teams

On a side note, our team is becoming familiar with the struggles of being a global team working across four different time zones! In the current climate, we feel the skills to manage scheduling meetings and online communication become more and more relevant. As this project continues these are challenges we hope to master
Whillans, A.V. (2016). “A brief introduction to the science of fundraising.” White Paper, Council for Advancement & Support of Education (CASE)