“Websites promote you 24/7: No employee will do that.”


There are over 170,000 charities and NGOs in Canada

My team from Western University began a research project three weeks exploring the NGO and charity landscape across Canada and other regions. The project, which is conducted in partnership with Crowdera, has allowed my team to learn more about many registered Canadian charities.

So far, I have been struck by how many registered Canadian charities do not have websites! Originally I was sure that in a developed country like Canada where computers are ubiquitous most registered charities would have some sort of webpage. Our research so far has proven me wrong.

Since this is the case it makes me wonder: without an online presence are these charities able to raise funds effectively? How much more money could they fundraise with an online network?

Platforms such as Crowdera surly provide the answers to these questions. However, according to an article by Professors Michael Hall and Myung JaKima (2020) research on this topic is scarce and “research on digital storytelling in tourism crowdfunding has been substantially overlooked” Regardless of whether the scarcity of research is due to absence of funding or other factors this lack will hopefully soon be resolved

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