The Ironman-Bringing India on World Cycling Map

India is facing an unprecedented challenge with communities and economies affected by the growing COVID-19 pandemic. Various NGOs, Organizations, and Personalities are coming forward to help authorities in every possible way. While tossing around ideas on how he would raise money, Dr. Amit Samarth has come up with a unique idea- Cycling!

Dr. Amit Samarth, a Johns Hopkins University alumni and the founder of ProHealth Foundation is the first Asian and Indian to finish Red Bull Trans-Siberian Extreme, Worlds Longest Bicycle race (9100 km) – from Moscow to Vladivostok in Russia in 25 days and the first Indian in the last 37 years to finish the Race Across America (5000 km).

“The beauty of endurance sports is that there is no question of age; just advancing levels of training,” says the 39-year-old, whose organization trains nearly 200 athletes from across the country, including numerous rising athletes. “Sports isn’t exclusive to athletes. It’s a lifestyle,” with such motivating words Dr. Samarth has come forward to help the society to tackle the pandemic!

Dr. Amit Samarth used his state of the art Indoor Cycling trainer for Regular Cycling training on different roads across the world. Cycling trainer and virtual cycling training app simulate exactly road like conditions in an indoor environment. The trainer simulates the ups and downs on the road just like the real world. He rode the cycle more than 1301 km in this 48 hours non-stop.

The campaign got a tremendous response from the people, he was able to raise funds more than Rs. 2 lacs which will be handed over to Maharashtra Police Department who are at the forefront in the war against Corona. Riding a bicycle for 48 hours non-stop is not everyone’s cup of tea, but each time there was a new challenge, Dr. Samarth jumped right in to give it his best shot.

“My success is Nagpur’s success, so the idea is always to do my best. After many years, I finally feel confident in what I am capable of. If I can motivate people by crossing the finish line in Russia, I’ll give it everything to make it possible,” he said after completing the world’s longest cycling race in August 2018. He truly inspired many with the 48 hours of non-stop indoor cycling. Going by a unique and innovative way to raise the money for the fight against the pandemic, Dr. Samarth has motivated and inspired so many people to come forward as a volunteer and help others in every possible way.

We at Crowdera feel extremely proud to be a part of this noble campaign. We strongly believe in our commitment and we are glad that we could help Dr. Amit Samarth in this dignified cause for the fight against the pandemic. We will continue our mission to help people raise money for their cause with our free and simple crowdfunding platform. We love to see a positive impact on someone’s life- that’s our goal!