20+ Simply Amazing PTA Fundraising Ideas

Government school funding has been low for many years, and few private schools often equally struggle to make ends meet. Many schools are trying to operate on shoestring budgets. Private and public schools often rely on Parent-Teacher Associations (PTA) to help make ends meet, provide funds for extracurricular activities, field trips, classroom resources, and more.

PTA can make all the difference in the life of a school! They spearhead fundraising efforts, serve as advocates for the school, organize volunteers, and so much more. So what is fundraising? Why is it necessary today to go online to raise funds? What are the different ideas PTA can use to raise funds? Let’s discuss!

  •  Garage/Yard rummage sale:

“One man’s junk is another man’s treasure.” Why not take advantage of this and help people empty their basements while supporting your PTA fundraiser! At least once a year, people clean out closets, basements and garages to discover things that are accumulating dust.

Pick a date, ask other members of the PTA to participate, promote around town, and get organized. Strong advertising, solid items, and reasonable pricing will be your keys to success.

  • Walkathon:

Get some exercise and raise money all at once! An excellent PTA fundraising idea is a school fun run or walk-a-thon. Rather than targeting one segment of the population, walk-a-thon fundraisers appeal to a range of individuals and even groups, who can sign up as a team to foster healthy competition while raising money for a good cause.

For your walkathon, you’ll need to map out your route and find a location to host your event. Pick a day with warm weather and make sure to have plenty of water stations available on your route. 

  • Carnival:

Some school parent teacher groups achieve great success hosting a fun, interactive event for the local community. Most people have a special talent they want to show the world and your students are no exception! From singing and dancing, to magic shows and comedy routines, your students have unique talents that deserve attention.

Allow students to pay a small entrance fee to participate in the show and then sell tickets for parents, friends, and loved ones to come and enjoy the show.

  • Dance Marathon:

Dance marathons are exactly as the name implies. And your PTA can host it for students within the school’s gym. At a dance-a-thon, the students must remain moving on the dance floor to avoid being eliminated. Participants sign up to dance and secure sponsors who agree to donate money according to how long the dancer lasts.

This event is so easy, all you need to be successful is an iPod on shuffle and a space large enough to serve as a dance floor! Don’t forget to also sell concessions and drinks for an added revenue boost!

School Merchandise Sales:

Online stores for school merchandise sales can serve as a great additional boost to reaching PTO fundraising goals. Plus, when your supporters carry merchandise that displays your logo, it helps spread awareness about your school and mission.

  1. Calendar:

Creating and selling school calendars is a simple, unique way to raise money for your PTA. Plus, it gets the whole school involved! Ask students to sell calendars to their friends and family and get the parents involved by asking them to sell school calendars at work.

  1. Facemask:

During this hard time of Covid19, selling handmade face masks with logo of your school will benefit not only for social distancing but also raising funds and branding of your school.

  1. T-Shirt:

From faculty and staff to students and parents, everyone enjoys kicking back in a comfy t-shirt. That’s why t-shirt fundraising is the perfect idea for your PTA!

  • Bake Sale:

Everyone loves a good cookoff, and there are loads of variations to this type of parent-teacher association fundraiser. Whether your community is into BBQ, chili, clam chowder, or any other kind of food, this fundraiser works! There are loads of ways to add extra fundraising options with minimal extra effort.

Set up a table of baked goods by your school’s pick-up and drop-off location so parents can see the delicious selection of sweets they can treat themselves—and their kids—to after a long day.

  • Food Truck/ Partner with Restaurant:

Having a food truck with loads of food in it can actually earn you money. Of course, the food truck owner will have to donate some of his profit. At a minimum, you’ll need a large field or parking lot, some picnic tables (you can also invite people to bring blankets and chairs), and an invitation to as many local food trucks as you’d like to have.

The Restaurant outside your school where all students and families eat, can be enrolled for the fundraising. Ask the restaurant if they’d be willing to host a fundraising day where a percentage of the day’s proceeds will be donated to your cause. 

  • Parents Night Out:

Parents too need a break, a time for themselves. So allowing parents to drop their kids off at your school in the evening so they can have a night to themselves in return for a few donations.

Enroll a couple of volunteers and babysitters, use the school gym to play games and keep the children in one location. Parents can make a small contribution in return for a few hours of free time. 

  • Service Day:

Various businesses, individuals from the community can hire students for parents, and teachers to complete in exchange for a donation to your cause. In this unique fundraiser, the school gets the money it needs, and community members enjoy the helping hand!

  • Volunteer Grants:

There are various volunteering programs you can sign up for. Based on the number of hours a volunteer works, these programs offer monetary donations.There’s plenty of potential to earn donations from your donors’ volunteer hours.

  • Charity Concert:

If you have a big budget in your hand, you can definitely earn big by organizing a concert. The money earned will  go to your fundraising campaign. 

To be successful, you’ll need a venue, performers, promotions, concessions, proper equipment, and decorations. The less you spend on those essentials, the more you’ll make for every ticket sold.

  • Field Day:

A field day is a surefire way to raise money for your PTA’s cause because students, parents, and teachers will love to spend a day playing games and eating delicious food. Parents can come and cheer their kids on or participate in certain events, if you choose to open the field day up to the parents as well. 

You can raise money by selling food and drinks and asking attendees for a fee to play the games.

  • Shoe Drive:

Growing students always need new clothes and shoes. You can take the items they’ve outgrown and start a shoe drive to raise money for your cause.

set up drop-off locations where students and parents can place their gently worn, used, or new shoes. Then, send the collected shoes to a shoe drive fundraiser coordinator and receive a check once they’re processed.

  • Car Wash:

This would be an easier way to raise funds for your cause. All you need is car cleaning supplies and a few students to help you. You can easily host this event in your school parking lot, as long as you have a hose spout readily accessible.

  • Direct Mail:

Just like a newsletter, sending personalized emails to the members of your community asking for donations will help you in a big way. Stating the requirements of funds, need and usage of funds in email will give the donors a needed confidence and they will donate with free hands.

  • School Picnic:

Organize a school picnic that provides the perfect opportunity for students to be outside with their friends and parents for a fun springtime activity.

Charge a modest entrance fee and even incorporate another fundraising idea, like a raffle or a bake-sale, into the school picnic. Parents can bring their kids to a delicious picnic for some quality time and a chance to become more involved in the school.

  • Festival/Fair:

There are many festivals celebrated at school, why not use them for fundraising.

This idea takes more planning than the average fundraiser, but is still a great way to raise money because the potential revenue from this event is incredibly high.

Encourage all students to bring a dish or sweet treat that their families love to make at home. Then, charge a small fee for families to attend the multicultural fair.

In this festival, you can include easy games for students/ children like-

  1. Guessing Game:

Fill the jar with jelly beans, but make sure to note the exact number in the jar. Next, have participants try to guess the number, and charge a fee for people entering their every guess and wait until time is up.

  1. Spell-a-thon:

A spelling bee competition for children will not only help raise money but also improve the knowledge of students. Charge some amount for entry, which will be contributed to fundraising.

  1. Raffle:

you can sell tickets and then draw the corresponding numbers out of the bowl. The person with the last ticket is the winner!

  1. Scavenger Hunt:

Have your PTA members hide items and create clues and make sure the scavenger hunt is challenging for students of all ages. 

It is a great way to raise funds by charging money for every entry which will be helpful towards your fundraising.

  1. Haunted House:

Decorate each room of your school with a spooky haunted house theme. To enter into the haunted house, charge money from visitors. This will go towards the cause.

  1. Giant Sundae:

For this fundraiser, you’ll need to purchase ice cream and a variety of sweet, messy toppings. Set a fundraising goal for each topping and raise the stakes so that each topping is more expensive than the last.

Other activities such as walking a dog in return of donation, raising funds to get a lecture off, swimming competition, shooting competition, bicycle riding competition, delivering candies, etc too can help you raise money for your cause.

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