5 reasons your NGO should get a Free donation website from Crowdera

REASON ONE – A website is the best way for an NGO to share information on work, the impact created and milestones achieved with everyone. A well-designed website also helps raise funds and build authenticity for the organization.

REASON TWO – A well-made website works as a beautiful communication tool and a professional medium to share important information, thus connecting everyone with the organization and driving collaborations, donations, and partnerships.

REASON THREE – A website makes an organization access to the world. In current situations, with the covid-19 pandemic and everyone stuck at home, it has become all the more important for an NGO to have a website.

REASON FOUR – Crowdera helps NGOs make websites for free. This should make it easier for you to decide on creating a website today!

REASON FIVE – Over 80% of NGOs in India do not have a website. This is a chance for you to stand out and stay ahead. A lot of people are accessing content via the internet and many more are in the process of going online. Smartphones and computers are getting cheaper. Having a website will help you stay connected with all of them!

If you are keen to get a free website for your NGO, sign up here and Crowdera Crew will make one for you in no time. 

We are keen to help you enhance your digital profiles and help you get online. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us should you have any questions.