5 Ways for NGOs to Enhance Their Social Media Presence

With most of us being stuck at home due to #Covid19, social media and the internet has become part and parcel of our lives. 

As an NGO, it becomes very important for you to initiate and boost your organisation’s presence on social media and connect with your well-wishers.

Hope you have a donation enabled website for your organization? This would be very important as not only would it help your audience learn more about your awesome work but also donate to your cause. Crowdera is happy to offer you a free donation enabled website which you can claim by signing up here https://bit.ly/CrowderaQuiz.

Follow these simple low budget marketing strategies and get going with your online PR – 

Capture a trending hashtag – Look out for trending hashtags on twitter and instagram and try to make a post relevant for your cause aligned with this hashtag. In no time you will see followers and interactions building up on your profile, leading to traffic on your website and donations pouring in.

Videos engage better than photos – use these to redirect people to your website and build on the traffic. The internet audience loves small, catchy videos with relevant content and images catch the attention better than just text !

Monitor the demographics of your audience – It is important to know where your audience is coming from and the segment they belong to – age, gender, likes and what type of posts are they engaging frequently with. This will help you fine tune your content as per the audience visiting your profile and help build on the engagement.

Answer questions and comments regularly – Once you have good content flowing on your feed, your audience would like to interact with you by way of comments and asking questions. Respond to them promptly to keep them hooked to your social media and invite others to follow you.

Schedule your content in advance – There are many tools available online which would help you schedule your daily posts. This helps in keeping your social media active and helps save time. Spend some time daily on keeping track of trends and comment on trending posts to grow your followers. 

Keep your profiles updated – with relevant profile paragraph and photo, hashtags and links. Use simple to understand language and you are all set to capture your audience, build traffic on your website and raise donations more effectively.